1. Thank you for your Weekly Forex Forecast, Jordan. This is extremely valuable to get a "newby" orientated before the week starts. I looked at all the markets and made some notes before I watched your recording. I am looking forward to also some day have your insight and competency.

  2. I just started your course this weekend and I am having a hard time setting up my demo chart with FX. I am a newbie. How do I ask for help? I stuck on getting the True Trend Indicator and the Period Converter into the demo. Help.

  3. Hi, Iโ€™d watched the bitcoin playlist and didnโ€™t see any official advice on the right platforms and ways to get into bitcoin, would you consider doing a video that focused on who you recommend and why for trading, purchasing and managing I.e. krakken vs Gemini vs whoever, cold storage vs not and maybe share your set up and why you chose? Thanks.

  4. Wish you would put out a Sunday night video. Or go live and letโ€™s look at the pre market. It is below the 2800 level. If it stays there where are we looking to go to.Just getting antsy for tomorrow.

  5. Thanks for another tightly put together presentation. Your channel is a gold mine of information. Looking forward to more out of this channel!

  6. I've discovered that my biggest downfall in trading ๐Ÿ’น is my lack of patience. Which is also why I've blown many of my accounts. If there's one thing I am taking from this Jordan is patience. Had I known this chanel from the first time I opened a real account, I would probably have not blown so many accounts. Thank you for heart and sincerity ๐Ÿ‘.

  7. OUR (INVESTORS) GOAL should you decide to accept it, is to get Jordan's channel up to 100,000 subscribers that would benefit US all. Are you ready for the challenge?

  8. Hello, I have TD Ameritrade, think or swim… what would be the tickers for BITCOIN and GOLD to look into? I am looking into investing in them for the long term; I agree with this analysis.

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