1. Hey, this is Benson. I’ve noticed you are a trader too. I’ve always been a big believer in connecting with liked minded individuals. Do you use s/r lines, trendlines and fibs too?? I feel like we trade with the same strategy :pray:🏼:pray:🏼. I’m from Toronto, Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ would def want to connect and work!!!

    Appreciate a follow back my ig is

  2. The financial strategies for hedging operating exposure can roughly be broken down into two groups, the goals of these two groups are the same, it is just the relation to firm operations that differ. Learn financial strategies with Bprimes. These are evaluating and managing the currency structure of a firm’s debt, and the addition to the firm of external contracts whose market values or net payoffs are negatively related to the impact of the real exchange rate change on form value.

  3. Correct if I am wrong…if they’re both cancel each other out, it diffuses the purpose. It means u have no trade, me personally I think it would be better to have a stop order as your hedge

  4. Thanks so much, Dare! Wondering if you can do a training that teaches us how to correctly draw harmonic patterns, or if you already have a link that we can down load onto our charts that will draw harmonic patterns for us? Again, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

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