1. if you dont sell signals ,than you sell courses right ?!
    If you are a good trader than what are you doing on youtube ?!
    The forex trader have no time to make an youtube videos,and tell someone how to trade,butt hee trade and make a money for him self,
    You are making videos for a reason maybe not to selling signals but selling courses of course ….

  2. This video made to realize the newbie . That how people selling their courses on YouTube. Such.. "FXLifestyle" a youtuber.. Karen foo is doing this to save us from traps..

  3. Karen Foo…. U are my idol in this forex trade as I look up to u… Have watched all ur videos from the very first to the last… Prior to ur advice, I got a mentor that tout me forex nd also read many books on forex… I know alot of strategies, indicators etc but things still doesn't work for me… No matter how I make my analysis, the moment I open a position, it will turn against me …am just fed up

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