1. Stocks also have an advantage of fundamental analysis and if you can buy a stock at a reasonable price vs intrinsic value then if even if it dips as long as hold you the stock you are going to make money. Obviously this is going into investing, the longer you hold it.

  2. I am trading FX from last 3 years. If u r an active day trader then I think stocks is a better option as u have more opportunities. I just started trading stocks good trades 🙂

  3. Forex is better – no brainer. Stock trading is MORE Expensive ( need more margin) Forex is cheaper. More liquid ( if the forex market is the pacific Ocean – the stock market is like a swimming pool ) Forex trades, approx 4 Trillion a day. Wouldn't dream, of trading Stocks. But each to their own!

  4. What is the minimum investment to begin at forex ? I'm new to forex and I live in India. Perhaps I'm interested in foreign trades.. and I'm in need of proper guidance from UK.. thank you

  5. My opinion is based on intraday trading.
    Well, trading forex is less risky but also the profits are not great too. For instance, you'll hardly see above 1% movement in forex currency pairs. So even if the price goes against you, you won't lose a lot if you use the leverage wisely.
    On the other hand, you can easily find stocks which move more than 5-10% every single day, sometimes moves are over 100% (even blue chip stocks can move a lot but low float and penny stocks can move massively in a day). So, the disciplined traders can earn really good money trading stocks. On the other hand, a lot of people blow up their accounts too.

  6. I recently switched from successful Stocks & FX trading to Btc Crypto after shorting it the whole of 2018, There's a whole new decentralised market evolving which is in the early parabolic bull on the macro. Bitcoin could hit $10k in 2019.

  7. One key point he didn't mention. With stocks, there's much more risk of getting wiped out by a major whole-market crash, especially for swing and long-term traders who are mainly trading on the long side. Because Forex is pair trading, there's not really such a thing as a whole market crash – even in a black swan event there's a 50/50 chance of being on the right side of the move and enjoying a windfall. With any kind of balanced portfolio, you'd have to be very unlucky indeed to lose your account, while I frequently come across accounts of independent and institutional stock traders who experienced disasters.

  8. Stocks. Strictly trade off the back of a catalyst. I’ve found way more success than I ever did trading forex. Different strokes for different folks I guess

  9. Forex by a long shot. Love trading data releases with a moving straddle. Especially EUR NZD and EUR AUD which has been spiking bout 100 to 200 pips over the past couple of data releases 🙂

  10. What about you guys (girls) – what do you trade!? And why do you prefer one over the other? 🙂
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