1. What do you think are the other reasons most traders fail?

    P.S. You might wanna turn your volume down for this video. A little too excited. πŸ™‚

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  3. I use an SL:TP of 1:1.4 and yet I seem to have an uncanny propensity of hitting the SL 90% of the time. Doesnt matter if I'm following the indicators and all that, the market just reverses and boom!

  4. Thanks Karen. I'm a new trader and I'm really guilty of what you mentioned there. Hahaha…
    I've really learned a lot from your videos.

  5. Karen, which forex broker do you use? I can read from reviews that a lot of these brokers are scammers. Also, how many pips do you set for your stop loss?

  6. None of'em like using their brains. Their many people looking for a software scheme. And it doesn't existed. You do the forex market the best way their to profit from it. Pin, paper, and brains. That's really the only way.

  7. The problem of emotions only comes with an account that is too small to make a living from. If your account is less than $20K – $30K then risking 1% is too little money to live from and you will feel like you're efforts should be rewarded with more. So you start with say a $2000 account and 1% is $20… of course you move your stop and risk a higher percentage because it means nothing to you. Start with real money or just think of it as a trip to Vegas.

  8. I think along with emotions is Greed, we hear of all these forex millionaires and we think over night with higher lots and bigger Take profits we will become that. Give it time, the forex market isn't going anywhere, myself I'm giving myself a solid 3 years to reach those 100 thousand levels. With learning and practice we will all make something. Remember on average it takes a business 2 years to become sustainably profitable

  9. I think I am managing my emotions and risks well but the system is still in progress. Just have to be patient. Thanks again for another awesome video.

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