1. You want to look in the future? Wanna see where bulls and bears get in their trades? Wanna see where people take profit?
    Wayne just got the solution for YOU!
    Download his chart templates and pivot points and it will change your trading!

    But honestly, there is absolutely no reason at all, someone would not want to know where bulls/bears will most likely take profit or get in their trades.

  2. Hi Wayne, I have been using your MT4 template for the last Three months. I wish I'd have used these years ago. Along side your daily videos, they are priceless mate. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  3. Wayne’s pivots help create order in a seemingly random market. I have found the pivots surprisingly accurate in identifying areas on the chart to pay attention to for possible trading opportunities.

  4. I have a much better understanding of Pivots after downloading the templates even though I'm more of a Price Action trader. Also easy understanding Wayne's daily webinars using the Pivots and they certainly give an edge to trading in combination with my Price Action.

  5. Great video to start the week. I use the chart templates, pivot points every trade, I can't imagine trading Forex without them, thanks Wayne

  6. Great session as usual Mr Wayne. Following through your analysis i always learn something new everyday. Also i wanted to thank you for the chart templates. They have been helpful for these past few months.

  7. I think it’s necessary to drop a little comment here regarding Wayne’s chart software indicator. I downloaded them about a year ago and I have to verify that they are amazing. Above all else they offer clarity and allow focus on key support & resistance levels with clear targets. Combined with Wayne’s swing trading course they have saved me from getting into trades at the wrong level or time.

    I could not imagine looking at a char without them.

    Thanks Wayne, they are brilliant.

  8. Thanks for all you do for the Forex community Wayne, your pivot templates have made all the difference in my trading. I am much more confident (and profitable! ) using them. Look forward to your webinars every day, even after all these years I keep learning. Awesome job my friend!

  9. Wayne, thank you for making your templates & indicators available. The download and installation into my MT4 platform was flawless. More important, your templates and indicators have had a significant positive impact in my trade planning & resulting trades. Again – much appreciated.

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