1. I can always take something away from your webinars to help me become better and better. Thanks, Wayne! I especially appreciated your coverage of the USDMXN, the GBP pairs, and of course the profits I got off your advice on the EURTRY pair. Gracias!!

  2. Great vid wayne. The guy who says he trades Elliott has me worried, because my only problem with Elliott Theory is you get 5 different wave traders in a room, and your get 5 different explanations as to whats going on on any particular chart.

  3. Good review! My advice to beginners is, get a professional as guide. I watched Dan Lok's video where he made reference to <ultimatewelshtrading@gmailcom> I reached out to him and he has helped my trade a lot, I now make an average of $33k weekly by just following his strategy and advice. Master Welsh is helping a lot of beginners, he might help you too if you are struggling. All the best guys!

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  5. Hi group!!!! I need help please! I downloaded Wayne’s charts the other day and the pivot point and watermark indicators are not working. Any suggestions!!!

  6. Ok so far BTC looks good (even though we keep trading above 10k in June which is very bearish). We must close this month “below” 10k which it looks like we should (potentially very bullish if we can stay above 6.3k). However, if BTC tests 10.9k again before June monthly closing candle and fails, GUYS PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT 8.5K SUPPORT WILL BE EQUIVALENT TO A WET PAPER RECEIPT IT WILL NOT HOLD 99.99% SURE. THE NEXT “POSSIBLE” SUPPORT WOULD BE 7.5K – 8.1K. Mr Jesse Reed will have a market update available between Aug 4th-9th, you can contact him now to get enrolled jessereed.online@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +44 7482 862366

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