1. Hi Wayne thank you very much, much appreciated, i have been watching your webinars for two weeks now and i have honestly been introduced to a new side of the coin in trading, thank you, this way of learning and the solid fundamental and technical analysis is off the charts, thank you again

  2. thanks wayne for te session, I watched the recording , streaming was not good, sometimes freezing , sometimes lagging , please check and try to correct.

  3. Thanks Wayne for the great webinar! A little choppy at the beginning but ended well. I'm front-running WTIcrude for the coming week. 50% retracement BUY and I see it stuck in a range. Could you cover it on Monday porfavor?

  4. I think Wayne is my realistically real mentor,love you man,you are awesome may your profit be above your maximum peak profits and may the pips chase you and may the peace of God be with you always.Tot facienda parum factum,somuch to do so little done.

  5. thank you…that ending was very impressive, you, Mr Wayne McDonnell truly are a special human, really…and, as far as Forex goes – the best that I know of…thank you for these webinars

  6. Your advice is helpful. Your passion to help many is great. I can't thank you enough but I want to say you are the best. I have dump my junks and saving to take your course while I follow you an daily basis.
    Pls more on how to go about a currency study in order to become guru in some aspect.
    Regards Sir Wayne

  7. Wayne! You overdeliver in your webinars… and words like “appreciation” and “gratitude” or any other words are NEVER powerful enough to describe the value of the content you consistently provide us with day after day! Thank you for investing your time in us! Thank you for not sugarcoating the reality of what it takes to become a highly successful profiteers by way of currency trading! Thank you for showing us how your mind operates and leading by example. This community is beyond fortunate to have you as a guide!!!

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