1. I lit up when you mentioned 333 pip target and and 33 stop loss… 33…333… the number 3 in general… are my β€œdivine” numbers for everything in life πŸ˜‚ can’t explain it but there’s always been some seemingly statistical significant, but of course I’m bias! Regardless It was still incredibly interesting to hear that you have found an application for it in your trading. I tried using that in the past but I was inconsistent with my bias, so you obviously know how that affected my trading account 🀣 I feel inspired to implement using 3s again now that I’ve taken several of your courses and know the proper steps to take when formulating my trade plans. Anyways… Thank you as always for sharing your time and knowledge! Namaste Wayne!

  2. Thank you . a very good forex webinar that cover a broad topic in the fine detail for example type of oil . west texas or saudi or others their characteristic. what a wonderful learning experience.

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