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  2. Wayne, thanks for the FOREX instruction today, especially the sections on exotics long term and GOLD. Amazing stuff. Back in South America now.. thought about you as I was stuck in Atlanta traffic. All the best.

  3. Hey Wayne! Are you still doing that "looking past comments and picking pairs members asked for"? That would be great because I am usually at work when you start streaming so all I can do is watch your recordings everyday. By the way, are you using fixed or var. spread account? Thanks!

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  5. I've been suggesting your channel to people who are complaining about finances. Turns out not everyone with a problem is looking for a solution. They want the attention that comes from complaining. Also Dave Chappelle reminded me that being poor is a frame of mind, thanks Dave. Ultimately, thank you Wayne.. you have reminded me that nothing good comes easy and dedication pays off. Bless you my good man. Salut

  6. Wayne…Your awesome!!!! Am starting to see the bigger picture here. A lot of time I have messed up, and thank you for the wake up call. Indeed planning, Patience, discipline and cutting off the lot side it is. Am forever grateful. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again …you are one of the greatest traders/mentors forex is ever gonna have….Thanks Wayne…and let me tell you the more I learn about forex the more impressive is what you've achieved on your on

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