1. Hi!! Been away for a while. If possible can u comment on EURTRY. Daily channel St Deviation (1.00) top (Starting May 9th). Next Months M3. Sold. 6.36932. Thanks by the way. I watch all videos even if im not on the live. All the best

  2. thanks again watching your review lunch time in Australia 11 hours after you posted it really sets me up nicely .. Ive positioned in swings in the Asian session and getting 90 % wins thanks

  3. Another knowleage added. Thanks for ur advice and education. I wonder why some people that are know forced will be talking against Sit Wayne. Pls admin block all those people

  4. yes you are right trade plans become much easier when one take the swing trade course, lol remenber last week I said i could tell what is the target for M2 , in my sleep u laughed , you also said it now , yes even when sleeping pivots help to know where price is going, so thanks again for the time you took to figure our all this and make life easy for us. Pivots are lits.

  5. Wayne you said , EURJPY is weaker then the others , but looking at september pivot it s at MM2 . would you advice us to not take a long because of Euro zone economy weakness?? with all thebtrouble Germany is going through.

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