1. Wayne, this is one of the best presentation . You should do more like this. At least one per week. Awesome awesome, easy to understand, straight to the point and it teaches us how to come up with our own opinions. Great job

  2. You are awesome, Wayne. Your sincere passion for trading shows in just how thorough you are explaining concepts like yield inversion to us. Love your streams, man!!

  3. What I like about Wayne is; opposed to the other 4X rooms which watch pip by pip … Wayne has a plan that you see and which you can ride it with him. While others chase pips.. Wayne gives classes with knowledge for life….The pips come as planned. Let's Go!

  4. Man time flies so fast in these classes
    Now am like it's over already
    I'd love to be in the swing trading group tho
    Even if it's just to shut up and listen 😒

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