1. Hello, Thank you, World King, for your Best Contact. I really appreciate you.
    Now more than of every time, I Only need to Practice and practice every lesson that I learned of You in Best Academy, and Working on my Mind, I need to Believe it, My Value my Success in Forex like a Professional Trader, I need to see myself on top of my target, I need to see my purpose and every moment living in my Goal.
    I must have to Work on my thoughts on my beliefs on my feeling
    I need to know more myself.

    Forex is LOVE
    Forex Show you Abundance
    Abundance money and I need to confirm it. This abundance
    Now, It's BEST to Continue …

    Thank you

  2. Great course, Fadie. Just one thing though, I have Adobe and it won't open the Position Size calculator for me. Is there another format or link that I can use to open it?

  3. Hands up who would like to see World King buy some 49" screens and a laptop or tower and show the full set up through to an actual live trade ?? !!!! P L E A S E !!!!!!

  4. Great lesson. How about international company registration in a tax haven ! ?? LOL. I see a lot of successful traders travel a lot and have resident status in low or ZERO tax countries !!! ROFL. I like the idea of getting 30 clients to build $10 million AUM, but the miracle of compound interest can achieve this too. Start with $15K and make 20% on your full balance every month, reinvesting all the profits, and do this for 3 years straight and you'll end up with $10.6 million and no clients to worry about !! Not bad Fadie, it was a very good overall introduction to FX trading and those with interest can take it further easily with a bit more youtube study. There are some good videos out there, and its always interesting to learn. Would have liked to see a trading desk build video by you with a couple of 49" screens and work station specs ? Just trying to add some ideas for future videos that I think we'd all like to see. God Bless.

  5. After so many loses in trading I also gave up and I found it hard trust anyone else, but through my sister who introduced me to her account manager/expert trader, my story has changed. My lesson for you guys is to know that not all traders are the same, the scammer use the pattern of the expert traders to scam innocent people. Trade with Mrs Park and be filled with confidence that she always deliver. Contact her through her WhatsApp (+16502096737).

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