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  2. if our position already made 50 poin profit, why we closed, we just move our stop loss and trade another pair! but most ppl cant do this, this is simple basic, that our trade will never loss! if you cant do this, probably forex is not for you! yeah i know, you felt loosing if you not closed that position asp. lol

  3. I was a proprietary foreign exchange trader, corporate fx dealer & a fx broker for three banks during 18 years. My advice to you all is DO NOT TRADE FOREX . Because the unexpected adverse moves will always beat you . Price moves of currencies often defy logic . You cannot afford the losses which are huge. You will eventually lose your house, family & lifestyle. It will destroy your life…

  4. This guy and all the people commenting aren't trading correctly. Real traders don't use social media to share their knowledge. Just ask any "trader" on social media for an audited track record of at least 12 months. Chances are they don't have one.

  5. This guy knowledge have zero value. All is misleading and have nothing with real things lol. Only less money advice is good but overall without proper trading plan you are doom to fail. Sad but true…

  6. I've been doing it 5 years solid… one of those years was full time. Now, I've got it. Why do people fail? Because they want the market to do what they want it to do, on demand…. and it doesn't. You've got to be flexible with the market… you've got to have a feeling for risk… you've got to understand how to manage the money… and you've got to be emotionally detached from the market. You've also got to have a deep familiarity with the behaviour of the market and a plan for every eventuality (that's how you become emotionally detached). So do you think a trading system can teach that? No of course not! Only you can by trial and error.

  7. The truth of the matter is that traders are applying skill strategies etc to the unknown so winning or loosing will not be consistent or predictable.
    Even buying shares in a company where you can research tangible information is a risk so forex where there is no usable information meaning the post graph and general news, is a guessing game.
    How people can think they can learn to win is laughable.
    best wishes

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