1. Hello, as enlightening as these content is sometimes its gets a little bit confusing. From some of your other videos i have watched so far I was under the impression that your take profit is not supposed to be placed beyond any pivot level but just a few pips before a pivot, since you aren't sure if price will go straight through the pivot. But on these examples that's what is exactly been done. Would you please care to clear this confusion. Regards,

  2. Hi – thank you once again for these amazing videos – I like the strategies because they make sense to me – no snake oil lol! On this particular strategy I have noticed looking at my charts that price being at or near the daily pivot "P" at the London open is quite rare. Does this strategy work if the price is at other important levels at the open such as the other pivot levels R1,S1 etc and the figure levels as you describe in the other videos? Best Regards Karl

  3. I love your videos!

    I have some questions. When you mark the daily pivot lines, do you include the wicks or only the bodies of the candlesticks at the daily pivots?

    And what currency pairs do you recommend and those that we absolutely must stay away from?

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