1. At 11:10 you talk about price action pattern entry candles – within a strategy would you use different price action entry patterns rather than just having one as a rule, as all of the entry patterns signify the same direction of movement – or would you only stick with the hammer candles for example and not enter the trade if a double bottom occurred instead. You're content is top quality by the way thank you.

  2. every condition you add, thins the number of times the whole set of conditions can be met, until you find yourself waiting and waiting while market moves up and down without you, and FOMO kicks in . NICE CHEATING CODES YOU HAVE HERE

  3. Love your channel . Wanted to join your eap training program but not able to afford it(financial problems) please let us know if you give any discounts 🙏❤

  4. Brilliant explanation – I spend a lot of time going through different YouTube trading channels but ultimately always refer back to yours.

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  6. Steven it is astonishing how much time and effort you have invested into educating traders, for free. Honestly – it's a shock! This is the most loaded, clear and concise Youtube channel actually educating people on how to be a real trader.

    I see success ahead, I will definitely join your EAP training – can't wait to know what more you can teach.

    God bless!
    from Namibia

  7. Once again.. Dude seriously the CAD/CHF trade report you showed and the chart on daily candles doesn't match @12:34. In the report there is a doji candle between big red candle and the shooting star but in the chart on the right hand side we have a different shooting star and NO doji candle in between. Is it just me or does everyone sees that??

  8. What about the fact that the zone was broken in the previous swing?? You would be looking at a loss if you had traded it at that time? Why did you think this time it would be different??

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  10. I love your videos bro , i watch them n put them into action n they helped me improve my knowledge in forex market. They really work very well when i back test them.
    Thumbs up for me 👍🏽💯

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