1. Hey ! Just bought the xdj rr. For some reason, I cant get the waveform on the monitor. One of the reasons I've decided to get it because I dont have a laptop at the time, and in every video I've seen, had it soon as the power came on. Please help? Thanks.

  2. Hey man . I have a question I’m new to all this mixing . And I’m trying to capture a piece that I want to use a sample. But when I’m trying to get the piece as a sample. It says I can’t do it with live music playing but the music is currently stopped can you please help me on this

  3. something I really hate about Rekordbox is the decimals. why is it a thing? apperantly people find it useful but I really think it's worthless.

  4. is there anyway to change the standard filter sound on ddj rb? I love traktor settings you could choose a&h style, which is more subtle, this pioneer filter sound is harsh as fuck..

  5. Hey I was wondering how do you sort the BPM in order when key I have in order as well. I know you can do this in Serato and Virtual DJ can it be done Rekordbox. Thanks

  6. Jamie I've had the 400 for some months and the Pioneer tutorials were gash. This video is EXACTLY what I needed. I finally know how to use that bloody On/Off button lol

  7. I have one simple question… How do i auto beatmatch in Rekordbox when one track is playing and i add the second one to the other player… i want the bpm and the beats automaticly synched.. I don´t have a syn button on my players so im looking for an option inside rekordbox to do it.. PLEASE HELP! looking for weeks and that can´t be so hard to find …

  8. Remix effects, like echo, delay & roll are ok to use in the meat of the song or the drop of the song, the extra sound effects like reverb, flanger, phaser, mobius and others should really only be used in build ups. This gives more respect to the original artist production and makes people appreciate the meat of the music more naturally. .

  9. Never use Phaser or Flanger during the main part of a song, you will make the bosses and guest super angry… Only use Phaser or flanger on a build up before a drop,,,, REMEMBER LESS IS MORE..

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