1. Hi. I personally make my boxes only 00's and 50's as that is only where I execute. I ignore if the market makes a further 25pip retraction.

  2. Thank you! This video was huge help, I am finally understanding the 00 concepts more. I can't wait these sessions this week.

  3. Mr. Burke your skill over the London breakout/Session is unmatched. Thank you so much for your knowledge and sacrifice and what must be years of screentime, it is so awesome how you break it down. This video especially. If you have time I'm gonna send you a pick of my mt4. Youll understand, it doesn't look like yours. Why is this… a crummy broker issue. I don't get it, you just uploaded. Just if you have time one day. Mine looks like an inverted head and shoulders. And dude when I finally get it rite, I'm gonna send you part of the profit. You should charge, You are the Man. I'ld hug you if I could. Thank you sir.

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