1. 4:47 – market flow
    8:00 – how to find sell entries
    15:37 – how to trade pullbacks
    20:45 – where to take profit during a pull back
    24:50 – how to find entries for pullback
    27:55 – how to know when the trend is reversing
    31:10 how to find buy entries
    36:40 – simple entries strategy
    37:40 – Risk to Reward (make more money per trade)
    46:05 – choosing the Wright lot size
    52:25 – Gold sell trade breakdown
    55:18 – Push and Exhaustion explained on Gold
    1:00:46 – when to add another position
    1:03:35 – Reversal pattern on gold
    1:05:33 – how to find multiple entries
    1:07:48 – Q&A begins
    1:17:40 – What currency is the best to trade
    1:24:12 – Which time of the day is best to trade
    1:25:15 – Gold Live Trade Idea

  2. Hey im totally new to trading im demo trading at the moment but what I don't get is how do you make money when the currency value goes down and you bought the currency pair at a higher value. So when you place the trade dont you lose the money since its going down in value?

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