1. Ever since i started trading with my forex trader Reed Cooper my loss and risk has dropped i recommend him to everyone i haven't record any loss for the past 6 months

  2. Great vídeo, thank you!!
    I have a question… When you see a potencial set up, you place limit orders on the entry point or you wait price achieves your zone and you see what kind of price action happens there and after this you place manually?

  3. Lol! This work right here is your mentors mentors work… he is not the author he’s getting sued don’t worry

    Ict is the author of this! This dude will be broke in 2 years no worries. Pay homage to ict dumb fucks !

  4. This video is the very very very best of the all videos on trading! The exposure of institutional trading on this video is just mind blowing.

  5. Most times when I hear or see what people go through all because they want to learn to trade, I'm thankful I didn't go through all those stress. I came into the market as a novice but I didn't lose any money. I have a mentor whom I believe in his experience over the years is a catalyst to his success and consistency in making profits.

  6. Hi Levi. I joined the free discord channel but was kicked out after few minutes. I am interested in joining your course can you please guide me what's the best way to reach you

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