1. Your are doing great and your videos are giving a way to choose a perfect indicator for a better result.
    I have a question. I have seen a lot of pro traders using this volume widget. But I don't have any idea about the one to use it for my trade. Could you please help me to know about the volume widget in iq option?

  2. Good insight, but if you can read price action, you really don't need indicators. However, for anyone new to forex, these can be handy. Keep an eye always on what the top traders use. MA 100 & MA 200 on daily chart, most trade from one hr chart and enter trades from the 5 minute chart. I could never handle a 5 minute chart till i learnt how to combine everything i just said.
    You'll always find when price action allows the MA 100 & 200 to catch up, direction can change with the bulls & bears getting into a fight between the MA's..
    Good luck people.

  3. Again. Thank you for these awesome educational videos. I was wondering if you could upload a video focusing more on force index @ 2:41 and perhaps compare to A/D. I’d really appreciate it and I’m sure others would,too. Thank you

  4. Dear, what makes you think OBV is better than MFI to trade divergence….. Because OBV is focused on volume and less price action. But MFI id focused on both volume and give good importance to price action.

    I have tested both for past one month and MFI made me good profit than OBV. ….MFI shows more divergence than OBV shows…. OBV really miss good trading opportunities.

    i still wonder what makes you stick with obv. Hope you will reply

  5. By dissecting the volume indicators and comparing their similarities and differences is the first I've seen and very well done, greatly appreciated thanks.

  6. Parabéns pelos vídeos, no Brasil não se vê ninguém explicando sobre os indicadores como você. Eu tenho melhorado bastante nas minhas operações, obrigado.

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  8. I've recently discovered your channel. The videos are great, thank you for sharing this content. However I think I would enjoy it more if you gave more trading examples using the indicators you present!

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