1. If you tried to trade Inside Candles off the 5 minute chart, you would be walking away from the ordeal with an empty trading account, and a piece of your soul missing. However, by focusing on Inside Bars that form on the Daily time frame, we increase our chances significantly. Use the strategy of Lukasz Wilhelm and learn how to use he's IQD momentum strategy method on Bollinger band forex trading.

  2. Trading range is a bit risky.

    About flat BB: most of the time after a directionnal day, BB 15 min are flat , considering buying the lower band in this conditions is acceptable IMO

  3. Does the standard deviation of 3 apply on all markets? Or just on forex markets? Can I use BB for scalping? If so what settings do you suggest? When you mentioned in the video that my first target should be the middle band first, before aiming for the opposite band, do you work with two lots at same entry price (so you can let the second one do the entire move before closing at the opposite side)? or only one per target (upper to middle then followed from middle to lower after closing the first entry)? Sorry for asking this many questions, I'm still learning I hope you don't mind.

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