1. There are many narcissists investors who believe they should win 100% of the time, because they are more special than the majority with their lives mattering more plus having total apathy towards others! Real works of greed!

  2. Can someone quickly sum it up….what is CIS' average holding time per trade, and average % return per trade? It's just a matter of compounding and scaling beyond this point to generate massive returns.

  3. Amazing video i wanted to ask is how they are able to grow from 10000 to 600000 in like 3 to4 years that crazy.can you make a video on that level of compounding or just ans here i would love to know your thoughts

  4. Thanks Kei-San. Very good presentation and your explanation. Very much informative video. Kudos for your hard work and making us aware about such a great trader. Keep doing such good things

  5. So does that mean that he isn't a day trader? Because I always heard that he day-trades but I cannot imagine to be that profitable with daytrading especially as a retail trader. There are so many studies out there that show that for a retail trader it's virtually impossible to make millions out of a few thousand dollars with day-trading. In this presentation it looks like CIS is very versatile and like I said, not focused on day-trading

  6. Thank you for sharing more information on CIS Kei! I find it super hard to discover more about Japanese traders like CIS or BNP. Mostly due to language really. Really learned a lot from your video 😊

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