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  2. I cannot prove my strong suspicion that Forex brokers manipulate trade outcomes, but I once tested my theory out by having my nephew put on a buy trade while I simultaneously put on a sell trade to see what would happen. We both lost. Smh.

    Also, I had developed a scalping strategy in the one-minute chart (yes, crazy I know) in my demo account which took my $50k to $250k very quickly. So my brother put up money in a real account. We tried it and were in profits, but when we tried to exit and take profit, the broker didn't fill our order until we we were in a losing position. Hard not to believe it's not rigged. These brokers are in it to win and do so by fleecing most of their hopeful and naive customers. Hunting stops, creating spikes artificially to blow up accounts and who knows what else. Wherever there is big money to be made, crooks are always there to cheat and win. That is why 95% of individual traders lose. Just my opinion, but I believe I'm correct because that is how this world has worked for a very long time.

    Lastly, my theory is that they allow some traders to win because if there were never any wins, no one would invest their money in trading. It's similar to how it works in casinos. They let you win a little but lose a lot. And they get people addicted. Traders get addicted too until they lose all their money. Ugh.

  3. They try to minimize risk, but will CREATE MASSIVE volatility, ESPECIALLY when a BIG order ( then you CAN'T SEE, EVER!! on your level 2 screen!! the MARKET MAKER CREATE HUGE volatility to GET the SHARES OUT OF TRADERS HANDS to help FILL his BIG order, that IS NEATLY SPREAD OUT ALONG the BOTTOM of the days high/low and NOW he has ALL your stops taken out and is pushing the SHARE PRICE back UP!!

    LITERALLY CHEATING YOU– how?? HE (the MARKET MAKER) CREATED a situation PLUMMETING the share price(taking ALL stops OUT) FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL GAIN ( the huge order he got PAID to FILL)!
    What SHOULD the market make have done?? —- MAKE the HUGE order come to the BID/ASK — AS IT IS AT PRESENT TIME, the HUGE order can ALWAYS SPLIT their order up NEAR or AT the BID/ASK.
    NOT some PREFERRED PRICE the WHALE order WANTS — that is NOT NEAR the —- ORDERLY execution of trades —— LIKE the NASD -SAYS – the market makers ARE SUPPOSED to do —YOU KNOW– "BY NASD LAW"— "CREATE an ORDERLY MARKET OF EXECUTION!"!! That is WHAT the market maker is SUPPOSED to do!! NOT – FAR outside the BID/ ASK– especially when there ARE ENOUGH BIDS !!! They DON'T have to be — STACKED, you can STILL have A MARKET — orderly executions — the WHALE just does NOT to TAKE EVERYONES shares at a discount( because of ALL the STOPS the market maker TOOK OUT—– ON PURPOSE — BY manipulating the STOCK price DOWN!!

  4. They have most definitely traded against me. I see them manipulate the price 1000 pips solely against me. In fact I ONLY lose trades because they are manipulated and after I close the trade they go drastically back to the position that I predicted. I purposely hold on to losing trades just to make them lose money too because it should not be legal. It the currency market that is manipulated the most!! And if you good enough to win 9 out of 10 trades they will go against the majority of your trades and you will literally see the market adjust specifically for you!!! Forex.com does this a lot and they are a market maker that has wide spreads and still trades against you. This means that the trades you are making never even hit the true market and if you lose your money they keep it not the banks! Forex.com and others use anitscalp software for people on meta trader that allows them to manipulate your trades. And they have no problem saying that their interests conflict your own. Market Makers are the worst and they plan on you losing your money. They will adjust it right before you are suppose to make profit and they can manipulate the market up to 1,000 pips or more. They all stop/loss hunt and other shady tactics that should be illegal.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, I have read somewhere that there is immense competition among market markets, as in heavily traded stocks, there might be many market markets moving the price. If this is the case then they get screwed equally as much as us traders.

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