1. Thank you David. Double Bollinger Bands explanation (with examples) was very clear and simply stated. That certainly reflects on your clear understanding of the concept!

  2. Thanks David, Double Bollinger Bands easily digested. It's lot more clear than the currency trading book I'm currently reading, and I'm really excited about the Triple Bollinger Band strategy.

  3. David, love your videos. my question since i trade a usual 5 min chart, do you feel it would work for a shorter timeframe? I like to be out of the market daily but would love to hear your advice. Thanks for everything!

  4. hi, in the video it shows uptrend from lower std2.0 to 3.0, how about downtrend does ti implies the same way? 2.0 upper to 3.0 lower. is there a need to know the trend first then? thnx

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