1. NDX is leading relative to ES & Russell, if NDX takes over the ATH and starts making new highs, other indicators would likely follow and push higher which means we might never see a pullback until Fed stop going brrrrr. However, if NDX hangs around in it's all time high, we could either see consolidation at top for a significant period or elevators down. Indicators not adding rationale certainly a difficult market to trade rationale atm.

  2. your co-worker, also named Chris, said we are going to punch through to the all time highs. Are you guys in agreement on that or not?

  3. I don't see any reason AT ALL for the market to drop. What you're saying is based purely on hope on your part. Im sorry that you missed the rally but the markets are where they are, if the absolutely terrible fundamental data had no effect at all I can't see improving terrible economic data all of a sudden dragging prices down.

  4. I made a decent amount today from my short call option contract that expired today – hoping my long call put for towards the year end gets a little more exciting after I sell my call contract

  5. I lack imagination what should bring this market down in the near future. Bad news let the markets move up and good news let them jump up and it seems we are getting now better news than in the last weeks.

  6. video like this is out every day and market keeps going up. I've gotten crushed with my shorts. I don't think another crash is coming, least till after earnings. There would need to be significant bad news but I feel like if we nuked china the market would hit 400.

  7. But if China was threatened [secretly] and was forced to erase trillions in debt because of 'virus' then this means nothing … charts and data mean nothing but gas in your car and food on your table and other people paying your way for false data and fraudulent services. This goes for all persons on the webbb selling fraudulent analysis.

  8. I don't see the market dropping too much before recovering though. Feds will swoop in somehow and pump it back up again. With the election coming up in November, I think there will be pressure from the Trump administration to boost up the market in order to gain voter confidence.

  9. Hope it's just not confirmation bias but thanks for "talking me off the ledge". It's nice to hear some sane rational thought when it comes to the bizarre jobs numbers and gives me hope that I'm not the only one thinking how extended this market is.

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