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  2. Hello, Coin Bureau i want to start digital/binary option trading but i am confusing which broker to select, expert option or iq option is there a fake chart. is that good to start iq option, i have good training both demo accounts iq & expert.

  3. He did not say its fake or scam, he only mentioned the details with regards to the broker. So you should try it first before you say something bad about it.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  4. Hello, I am here since I want to know more about these trading apps, since there has been an explosion of ads here in the Phil's and how they advertise it as "Easy as Cake". But then I found out that this is what you say a "Beginner's App" which sounds for me but I want to know at least a few tips in these kinds of platforms. As a Student here in the Philippines, what do you recommend as a starter in which I can support myself securely at times.

  5. Hi im from philippines this is trending in our country,does expert option scam or broker..,im planning to start trading in this platform..please comment if it is not scam

  6. Please What's the best trading platform you can suggest for me…I'm like a beginner in this and I really don't want to be cheated or risk losing money

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