1. After a succession of payouts from Alex Paton, its safe to say that this fellow is legitimate. I don't have any doubts moving forward, he even turned down my gift token and asked me to give it to charity saying 'God has given me all that i need, be his vessel and help those who are less fortunate.

  2. Thanks for this awesome video! Question for you, have these strategies for conditions and entry points been tested for stock options? Or are they pretty isolated to FOREX trading? Wondering if I can use these methods while looking at stock's candlestick charts…

  3. I know I stumbled on this channel late or early..i must say it's presumably the best so far and I really appreciate your thorough explanation on each topic. Thanks Steve 👌

  4. Steven good day mate; where do you always place your take profit; at the next zone or do you always try to place a 2:1 or 3:1 etc. take profit…? and why please thanks

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  6. The high was already taken out, while the low wasnt. That was a clear indication there. A Close above or below a high is literally the same as a spike. If the price moves above a high or low, its cleared, no matter it closed or not, period. You gotta work on your understanding a little bit.

    That's not something i just pulled out of my arse tho. Think about it.

  7. @5:15 Your trade here sucks…You've got a 1:1 risk-reward, which after fees/commissions and slippage is automatically a loser; your expected value is negative. What %chance do you think your (*losing*) trade had of succeeding? Legendary Al Brooks asserts that most trades are 60% at best, so now you're at 0.6:(1+fees,slippage). You'd need a hit rate >80%…you even had a nice price area on your chart to set a reasonable stop and exercise proper risk management.

  8. К чему эти танцы с бубном, если нужно всего лишь заходить в рынок на тех же уровнях, что и маркетмейкеры. Или вы не знаете как их определить? Тогда танцуйте с бубном дальше😉

  9. I have nothing to comment about your strategies, they are really effective. It is just like im kinda watching Chris Hemsworth teaching how to trade. 😀

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