1. EASY WITHDRAWAL, within 6 hours using credit card. Deposit $100 with Traderway, within 2 days 1:1000 Leverage i hit $8800 Balance by end of 1 week my Equity is up to $67K. Now end of second week i am in profits of $234,000. OMG Thank you TY. Thank you Traders way.

  2. Hey can anyone help me with this strategy? I took a long position in the 0-20 area and short in the 80-100 area of the indicator , but Iโ€™m not getting the results that i desired . ๐Ÿ˜ญif anyone could help it would be much appreciated !!!

  3. You know what is interesting. Different strategies each video. Why? If they were successful you would only be showing one? Instead jumping around to the next best thing…. seems like the money is in more content.

  4. Ty, I dont understand something, so when it crosses the line of 20 or 80, then you buy or sell, or do you mean when the stochastic crosses each other? Cause i backtested it a few times, i found it profitable when it crosses the 20 or 80 line, cause sometimes its gives a false sign and goes a lot more up, before it goes down, and another question why did u sold it at the beginning, it wasnt in the fire zone, u are a pro trader thats something im 100% sure of, thats why i want to know why u sold it at the beginning, #TRADEGANG

  5. 95% of traders fail why? Because they give up , it takes time and lots of trading experience to become a profitable trader, An alternative is seek guidance from some professional traders like Mr George and more to avoid lose of funds, then see how happy you will be with yourself.

  6. fake!
    i guarantee you this ghetto wannabe can't even legit explain how stoch's and macd even work… lmfao.. just another scam fuck..
    people.. don't listen to dumb fucks like this… you're seriously better off just learning off on your own…. such as i did!
    ALSO.. i guarantee I GUARANTEE this dude and other scammers like this.. cant and/or won't show 1 full year (or a full quarter, which is 3 months) of their so called profitable trades!!!
    don't listen to people like this.. you'll save yourself so much money not listening to these fuckwhits

  7. Thanks for the video and valuable information! You've inspired me to start creating similar videos teaching others about trading on my YouTube channel! Let's see how this goes, i'm hoping I can help others on their investing journey, God bless! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ƒโœ…

  8. DUDE?! you're one of the most REALIST niggas I've ever had the pleasure to watch! to be REAL WITH YOU! I made the mistake of judging you by your image than your Brains! the first time I watch your video, you was leaning all back on your White fur couch like you was bout to light up a joint! I was all like, "LOL! what do this nigga know about trading Stocks" until I heard you talk about what you KNOW about Stocks, Forex at that! and you was talking all real laid back and candid like we're in a man-cave with a bunch of dudes watching a Sports game on the big screen! I was like, DAYUM!! This nigga is seriously Cool! I was going to click away, but I wanted to hear More! I think I was nore SOLD on your None-Bullshit Straight Talk! You got my ears up Nigga! and I'm Listening!

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