1. Man you are the hidden gem of the internet…one day the whole world will know your name forever! I will make sure of that ☝Thank you legend! 👏

  2. A pair of strong currencies, or a pair of weak currencies will appear on the chart as a range. It will look like stability, but that's an illusion. It's just a bum fight, and if you're trading it, you end up one of the bums.

  3. Wayne!!! Your YouTube channels are hidden gems! I have to tell you how grateful I am to have found you and your content.

    Reading your book, watching your daily webinars… investing time to watch all of your fxbootcamp courses in less than two weeks, joining the swing trading group PLUS the BONUS daily Zoom meetings you are offering us during this “pandemic…” finally led me to having some sort of “breakthrough” yesterday. Metaphorically speaking… I had so many lights turn on and I’ve suddenly been able to SEE well enough to connect all these dots I’ve accumulated over the course of my relatively short history as a forex trader. I finally had this massive awareness come over me last night. I realized that I had greater clarity and I could feel this enormous surge in my confidence levels with regard to my skills as a trader.

    I’m really big on details… and WAYNE… YOU DIVE DEEP with us AND you cover everything one could need to eventually achieve consistent profits.

    For anyone new to this channel… just keep showing up… humble yourself enough so that you are able to really listen to the knowledge Wayne is committed to sharing with us.

    Follow the instructions he covers for Bulls (if you’re a bull) or Bears (if you’re a bear.) Then go and apply what Wayne teaches us to test your understanding and gain experience in the market. You just have to trust the process enough to go through the motions…

    Embrace the temporary growing pains that are to be expected when we are learning new things. (I always compare the discomfort we sometimes experience when we attempt to strengthen our “weaknesses” to how it would be like if you attempted to learn how to write with your non-dominant hand … unless you’re already ambidextrous of course.)

    Wayne’s educational content is priceless! Whats the expense/cost/price of your dreams? Why do you want that lifestyle and are you willing to do whatever it takes to not only achieve it… but MAINTAIN it. Run hypothetical calculations using realistic numbers.

    The longer term pleasure of becoming a consistently profitable trader is beyond worth the “blood sweat and tears for years” in my humble opinion… and I’ve “fallen” thousands of times in the last 4 years of my trading journey… but I keep picking myself back up because I’ve done the math and I’m focused on what I have to gain and not what I lose in the process.

    Wayne has the skills to help a lot of us achieve true financial freedom… but it won’t be an “get rich quick” experience as it’s not a sustainable approach. We cant hit a target we can’t see and if you don’t have the motivation to plans and practice.

    Give your fear driven ego a time-out and BE COACHABLE! Show up even when you don’t “feel” like it… don’t be afraid to ask questions/seek to understand… for some of us it can feel like hearing a foreign language at first but IMMERSE yourself in as much of Waynes content as possible… and remember that the only way you’ll fail will be if you quit!!!


  4. Thank you Wayne For your explanation. Your teaching process is an Absolute . Best Forex Teacher i Ever knew. Everybody must watch your webinars and take your courses .

  5. Thanks Wayne , I'm enjoying the courses a lot!
    Also I wrote you an email about the video traning course, when you find the time to check em out.
    Sorry I missed the live today. 🙁


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