1. Who's been watching Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading Master , Wayne Macdonell?"("Analysts at Goldman Sachs do expect the US stock market to end the year higher than current levels (about 20% higher)But caution (this snippet from the note):
    Strategically, we continue to expect the S&P 500 will rise to 3,000 by year's end
    Tactically, however, we believe it is likely that the market will turn lower in the coming weeks, and caution investors against chasing this rally.
    The note from Goldman Sachs is for their clients, but Market Watch have provided some detail from it if you want to check it out. )"

  2. I sincerely believe I would have stopped trading forex a couple years ago if I had not found you! From risk management , macro, fundamentals, and all the other knowledge you give us is worth its weight in gold if not much much more! Thank you sir!

  3. I love your interactive teaching style and admire how you respectfully respond to questions, often in great detail for educational purposes. Your content is a breath of fresh air during these times… always intellectually engaging and stimulating. Furthermore… you are wicked smart, the epitome of success AND you’re devilishly handsome Wayne! 😜 All things that make it even easier to show up every day to SMASH THE πŸ‘πŸ½ and to watch your webinars where we always get an opportunity to soak up the wisdom you share. Your efforts are extremely appreciated and never taken for granted! Thank you for your dedication Wayne!

  4. thanks Mr. McDonell Today I learned about key leading indicators of the macro environment, the Baltic Dry index and copper. This is correlated to AUD and China , coal and ore. BTC is best traded as just another commodity. Indicators are used to help you trade your bias, not a trade signal. The essentials are Measure of price (such as line) Predictive pivots, price action, bias. Thanks.

  5. My internet provider interrupted my net right when i asked u about the risk on and risk of career question. I started rewatching it and i appreciate it so much for the answer…now i know what to focus on for my career and i am honored you helped me figure in out. Take care legend πŸ‘

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