1. Trading can be very annoying especially when you keep on recording more losses than wins… This was my plight until I met Mr Jerry Coleman from a comment like this too, he turned my story around…

  2. wow 2000 views, and only 10% like, people just lazy to click like, because this content is surely golden. Really people why are you all rushing to view it , if it s not interesting. surely utube can see that day after day thousand views. Again thx wayne.

  3. Hourly pivots … if you know how to set them up on your platform … are incredible for scalping, or finding an entry into a market too bullish or bearish to offer a proper pullback to the EMAs or Fib levels. I use these with 5 or 3 minute candles.

  4. I really don't know what motivates you to do this daily blessing for us sir…But i am truly honored to know a real heroπŸ‘ And even if you said that only our mothers care for us…I want to remind you that we care about youπŸ’ͺCan't wait to get that fxbootcamp account. Thank you legend!

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