1. Nice content sir Trading its best define as market exchange right its all about give and take but because of greed by some traders and lack of trading experience and trading without the right strategy they lose it all the market that's why I humbly advice before going into any trade please seek guidance from an trading expert to avoid loss of energy and income in the online trading market

  2. Before venturing into trading, you ought to know that there are risks involved in trading which we all know. I used to rely on indicators, studying candles, trends and the momentum of the market and it only gets easier on practice and i lost a money to that. So for everyone who gets discouraged over trades not going their way, or not getting results and getting frustrated. There’s one thing I can say. Keep moving. I was going down the lane of depression from losing a lot of money not until a month ago when friend of mine who I started trading before began cashing out which led me to the discovery of whom should be renowned the brain box of trading and my profits changed abruptly, it's never advisable to trade without proper trading strategies that entails account leveraging. I'm week 3 and I've already accumulated profit of $34,300 .I'm so happy and I can’t keep the goodwill to myself and the funniest part is that I never believed at first.

  3. Another excellent webinar Wayne! I love your approach to risk management… position sizing… I personally never had a prior issue with regards to pulling the trigger on placing trades… however I’ve blown up demos and real accounts because of a fear of missing opportunities. Your approach of cutting the position size and only placing trades with a 3:1 reward:risk (or even 333+ pip targets)… stacking trades… setting and forgetting… letting winners run… and alllllll of these related “tips” are just the details I needed to shift my perspective that ha resulted in more profitable decisions! I’ve read at least one other book that also tried to convey a similar message… but it never amazes me how beneficial it is to be reminded. You can say some of the same things over and over in your webinars, but I’ve found that the repetition is critical to the learning process. Our minds/perspectives have the power to help and/or hinder us… and I appreciate you for repeating yourself and encouraging us to keep things “as simple as possible… but no simpler.” I thank you infinitely for your daily support and I thank you for believing in us!

  4. Thank you Mr. McDonell, today I learned about the value of Letting your winners run. Doing this consistently with a bias would ensure that I would be in the bigger moves randomly take small losses on the chop.

  5. great webinar as always, most of all for the trade management skills I'm slowly learning since I've joined, with already very good results! thank you Wayne, may the pips be with us 🙂

  6. Your entire position trade strategy is something I aspire to. It’s sounds simple but I think quite difficult to do in actuality, but worth pursing in it’s ability to produce consistent results with minimal risk.
    Do you have an idea how step by step process to train myself to do this. Breaking it down. I have been studying your swing trading course and reading your book. It’s still hard because I think I haven;t mastered the fortitude it takes to have wide stop losses and manage trades like that.

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