1. I'm still staking out the AUDUSD for a reversal, watching it surge and surge, oh so sexy. "A trend is your friend until the end". What they don't say is how the trend's end is the most tempting.

  2. Thank you for yet another great session. The effort you put helping us is amazing. Your level of commitment is inspiring, at times I think you have 30 hour days 👌

  3. Dear Wayne I hope in the future you can set your variables, conditions, resources,etc used on how you pick your bias. Even having a template as you have for your technical analysis!!! I believe this could be much help for the people attending the stream. Thanks

  4. What i learned from this webinar today…is that i need to learn a whole lot more! And that gets me going. As i said i am working very hard on Forex to become as good as i can and also ready for when i start the live account. I am sooo thankful for having you on our side for guidence! You keep us getting stronger traders, even stronger human beings. Take good care and be healthy legend!

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