1. Which time frame is perfect for new trader? I use H4 Time frame suggest me please and which currency fair will be profitable in this corona cricis moment

  2. Wayne speaking the TRUTH today! Love watching these videos. They are so much more than TA or FA on charts. This guy knows what’s up and drops the best knowledge nuggets in every video. Keep it up man! Love your hustle!

  3. Thank you for the imense lesson you added to us today. It is always great to be part of this community everyday. If 5 years is the price, then that's what we are going to do. Constiscsency as yo said.. thank you Wayne. Cheers and to many more.

  4. I really wanna thank you for today because you answered my question about central banks…It makes so much sense now! The actual Central Bank of the Country is telling their actual Opinions based on Hard Reasearch by Professionals…that is craaaazyy! And you are right about the work also. If i didn't reasearch…i wouldn't know what question to even ask you. I promise you sir…The world will never forget you! I will make sure of it. Take good care legend!

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