1. Wayne did an amazing job today, even with market fundamentals changing after doing a 2 hr webinar already. He reanalyzed all pairs and was able to handle the volatility like nothing. The 4 hr live trading session shows his in-depth knowledge, trading ability, and his commitment to the traders that follow him. Thank you!

  2. Awesome session wayne, great coverage of the ISM Manufacturing report and an example of how to act in a high volatility situation after the Fed surprise cut

  3. Thank u wayne, i love it when u make a long video so that i can learn more, very infomative, no free webminar can get better than this, keep it up, cheers!!

  4. ISM Non-Manufacturing (Services) employment trend. A number above 50 means that prices are rising relative to the previous period, and a number below 50 means that prices are falling relative to the previous period. This is awesome information! 28:00

  5. thank you wayne , for great content , and also for highlighting that exotic debts will be cheaper, but please tell me , if risk off resumes are they still gonna be strong??? e.g eurtry will still fall???? or market conditions will prelude the cheaper debt??

  6. I worked so hard this days i have to catch the days webinars but i don't ever miss any 💪I just started watching this monster webinar and i have a feeling it's gonna be…spectacular 👊Thank you so much legend!

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