1. Hey guys, the love you're showing this video got us thinking and we decided to expand things with a dedicated "Forex Trading For Beginners" playlist. In it you'll find more in depth videos, focusing on many of the basics and explaining things in detail. You can find the playlist here – https://bit.ly/2lFWhfw.

  2. This is how it works: Broker does B-booking trading against you. Wanting you to lose money so the Broker earns more. (Story for most brokers, probably Trading212 also has B-booking) No True ECN broker.

  3. 6 years after practising on a demo acount and winning 2000000$ starting with 100000$, Today I traded real 100€ and I won 1,03€. I feel really well, and I will try to convert those 101€ to 1000000€ in 5/6 years. Wish me luck guys 💪🏻💪🏻🍀🍀

  4. Trading is the best thing I have ever known
    To me it's a life style, I implore everyone who cares to listen to Forex trading as a life style not just the means of making money , understand the global economic and how it would affect your life and in no time you will be making huge profit

  5. ◦ Well I've been involved in crypto as early as 2014 when I purchased my first bitcoin and profited in the long term till 2017 pump when BTC went 100x .

  6. This is a good video because you jump right in without a too much theory, People can go back and study that, but this gives a person a sense of whether Forex is for them.

  7. I recommend everyone of you that have not learnt forex trade , last year I was confused about forex trade but I met this carrilo_hacker on telegram he added me to his group chart ,he was having online class with us ..now am making huge amount of money daily on forest trade

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