1. Just bare in mind that these “demo” accounts , offer you a higher leverage than you would get normally as a retail trader. It’s to lure you in and see that profit. You’ll need a large deposit to see those gains in reality.

  2. I am using trading 212 demo account and I have made 20% profit in four days. I am a daily trader and I need the execution of buy/sell order done instantaneously like the demo account. Does the real account work in the same way or there is a lag between the order and execution ?

  3. I’m new to this. I set up an demo account thinking it’s a real account so what do I have to do in demo ? Do I have to invest in my real money on demo ? And I’m trying to get into it a little faster please enlighten me on this

  4. I've been trading futures within a demo environment. Within the first 4 days I profited close to $5k using a scalping strategy. Such success in the demo makes me extremely skeptical. I'll start trading real money next week to see if I can have the same success I've had using the demo.

  5. Hi Andrew, please take it as a final result. who is the broker advised on your part? and I will give you its drawbacks based on my experience which has taken more than 5 years, and of course, I am a fair man, and I have pictures and documents that justify what I am saying. All brokers are thieves

  6. Sir I have a balance 100,000 in my demo. Now it turns to 130,000 , but I'm still doing training. What do you think the best time for me to go on live trading?

  7. Tried using a demo account with 100k made about 40 quid with very very few losing trades went in 2 foot deep with a real account so far so good win small win often using a scalping/price action strategy

  8. I cant seem to make any profit cause idk i put up a demo account and wanted it to be as real as possible… setting balance at the lowest (3000) and yeh the leverage, i thought that was like the ‘realness’ scale ande i dont really see a problem in it but i set it to 1:1… is this wrong?? Im i a peasant??

  9. Thats exactly how i feel when i trade with real money and most of the time i end up blowing my account. I am a web developer so i got into develop my own expert advisor. Today i made a video with my test on a demo account so what more relevent to your topic have a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEhLFOmV1nU&t=41s on my results and tell me, should i try my bot on a real account? What is your advice?

  10. When I make my 1st £100k I would like to take you for a drink as a thankyou for all your knowledge and advice you've provided me with your videos……… And maybe a meal when I reach £1M! 😊😉

  11. A demo account is a simulation of a real live trading account. The only difference is that you only spend virtual money on a demo account. It is made like that so beginner traders can practice trading without having to lose real money. Trade12 offers all types of trading accounts and these are with lowest trading commission.

  12. Hello sir.. so here is my question.. besides digital & real money, is it 100% demo account live trade, chart and so on are based on the real live market? or it's just Demo account 70% easier than Real Live Account?

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