1. This video is clearly for beginners but ur not stating what some of the words u are saying means for example ur saying “setup” how’s a beginner going to understand that?

  2. It gives joy when you invest your money and you gain a lot more from your investment, i have been investing and trading for the past two years and i have never been this lucky, since i met Mr Scott i can i boast of it that i make at least $17k every week.Thank you so much sir.

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  4. Best channel for beginners and for free knowledge. With your channel, i can make around a profit of 5-10 pips. thanks alot. i dont go for more just to stick with my profit margin of 8-15%. anyone can help out a beginner here more?

  5. Alec system never fails me, Just like he always says said, A winning strategy is supposed to be making you consistent profits.
    If it's not making you a few thousands in a week then discard it! his system is top notch

  6. Dude I just had to pause the video and just thank you for even taking the time out of your busy day to make this when this video was posted I know your probably made nothing from it thank you for believing in your community, the youth, and ppl trying to better there lives and helping others even though the reward may not be as great for you personally, I’m gonna spread this knowledge thru my community thanks again keep makin videos much love

  7. After receiving 9 consecutive payouts from betty, i offered her a gift token of $14,000 as gratitude for everything. She politely refused and told me to give the money to a charity. i have never such a person in 37 years of my entire life.

  8. Great vid. Nothing will clean your account faster than finding good entries, but only trade those our "gut feel" predicts will be winners. I think the smart money developed an algorithm that predicts what an amateur may "feel", and trade against it. 🙂

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