1. I am new to Forex trading and I am looking for a mentor that would lead me 📈.
    Also, any tips or suggestions from more experienced traders? Much appreciated!!

  2. I agree with Max, the charts you use on the webinar are different. Compared to the charts I purchased for 5$. Makes it confusing for some viewers. Like me… Thanks for the webinar tho….

  3. Really love talk teach like this. Can learn knowledge and kisdom both. I check past vids everyday find some interesting things "The important things, really useful knowledge, brilliant wisdom, basic rules" are repeat again and again and again. I got some and wrote it no my notebook hope one day I can epiphany.Thank You uncle Wayne! BTW I don't care how long the video is.

  4. This week have been fantastic. Made over $15k this trading week. All thanks to my trading mentor and manager for giving me the opportunity to work with his top notch platform

  5. I have a nice textbook with dates , and fill it every day with notes , so If I need to rewatch something I now it at which date it was discussed. Thanks Wayne. 😀

  6. Sir i will appreciate if next you could do a small analysis on fundamentals for the $ if you got the time, sort of an mini analysis with basics. Thank you for the great analysis, help and stories and we'll talk monday.

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