1. I have applied various techniques and strategies mostly from the youtube tutorials I have seen but they are never as successful as advertised.. I am currently in search of a qualified professional to handle my account while I focus on other endeavors.

  2. I have seen Mr. Wayne webinar by promotion of YouTube and get my chance to watch him, so it has been like 1 year that I am watching his webinars. They are really useful, wisdoms with macroeconomic and technical analysis such as fibots (fibo+pivot), ma ( which are mentioned in his book specially- so I advise you to read that too that is about momentum and speed). The topics are updated economically on webinars so it's not just about technical and boring stuffs. As summary, I can say that Mr Wayne lights your career path by enlighten vision of audiences. Help to Improve and stabilize audiences Psychologie by trying to show the way future days how to decide and what to do. I love his webinars, I love his subjects on webinars, I love his personality and the way he get life by enjoying it. Personally I take him as my supervisor. Thank you Mr. Wayne

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