1. Best one yet, hearing about your asia visit. Will be hard to beat this webinar. I was smiling ear to ear – as you described your travel… Thanks Wayne, Loved it…

  2. Great stuff you are churning out.Its very useful to me. I also appreciate the my mentor and account manager who has really transformed my forex account by growing up my little investment to great returns.

  3. Today I was reminded of the importance of higher time frames so that my lot size and stops can accommodate market volatility such as Canadian interest rate decisions and still be in the trade as it moves the market. Thanks Wayne ps. It takes 2 to have an argument, So please don't change who you are and what you know we all need from you, based on reactions from the sheeple. Ignore and Continue we are here to learn from your 15 years experience.

  4. You're name will remain in history for what you are doing for us and for the greatness you're helping us achive! Respect for everything u do. Thank you legend!

  5. Thanks, Wayne, for another awesome Forex session. I look forward to when you go through how to fold daily, weekly, and monthly swings together, as mentioned last week. Please keep us updated on that. I had to miss a few days, so I'll go back and check this week's videos. Cheers.

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