1. my advice to any new trader is a take your time and understand the basics of trading first secondly trade with professional help as a start when you’re good enough you handle trades solo that’s why i strongly recommend trading with mr alex wood he’s a professional broker and trading account manager, i have learnt and earned so much with he’s help he’s one the best traders out i can vouch for that…

  2. After a brutal start to the week that saw Bitcoin crash from $10,000 to as low as $9,500, alot of traders/investors are confused because they follow the price of the market. Bitcoin is correcting lower after testing $10,000, it is very clear that the market has both positive and negative benefits to different people, some would want the price to drop bellow this level so as to buy cheap while some would want the price to skyrock so they profits by selling the little they Hodl. Never the less, i still see this period as a buy zone not to Hodl but to day trading to make profits from every market we find ourself. As a trader, you have to take full advantage of the market, you dont have to follow the price of the market to make profit like, i have been doing for one month now. I have been day trading with a trader Mr Diego Finn, someone that i can proudly say has the best strategy/signals in cryptocurrency day trading. I was able to grow my initials from 0.7 btc to 6 btc within one month of day trading with his strategy/signals and i came to understand that you are not affected by the fluctuation of Market. I would say worry less and make good use of the market right now so as to accumulate and grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the major bull run in near terms. Diego can be contacted via Whatspp: +447475934185 and Telgram @ diegofinn for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

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