1. So I know I'm a little late to the party but I just want to thank you VP for putting up all this information so a lot of people can trade the right way and finally start turning their accounts around, you definitely turned mine a whole 360. In relation to this video it was frustrating for me to look for a good volume indicator because there simply weren't as much of them to find compared to the confirmation and exit indicators. The few that were there barely gave some information if any at all (just volume comparisons with the previous candles and a simple line moving through the screen), but I recently came up with something that looks to be pretty good at determining if volume is there or not. You take an OBV or an On Balance Volume (I knew it couldn't stand alone because I couldn't edit it's parameters) and then you put it together in the same indicator chart with a 20 period simple moving average. If the OBV line's above the MA then the volume's there for your trend. Found this pretty recently and still requires a lot of testing, but it looks promising. I hope this somehow helps other people in their search for a good volume indicator for their algorithms.

  2. Hey VP, after doing some research I see that many people argue that volume indicators are unreliable and inaccurate in Forex, because it is decentralized. Would the volume you are seeing not only be volume from those using your broker, since FX is decentralized? Is it possible to see the true volume without a centralized exchange like with the stock market? What do you think about this? Thanks.

  3. At first I thought finding the real twin soul was the hardest thing in the world to do…then I started looking for a good volume indicator and I definitely changed my mind…

  4. I used to get distracted by a lot of click bait videos when I was coming to youtube. Now I just come directly to this channel and nothing else. Massive love from London.

  5. At around 16:30 when you were comparing the ROC and ADX indicators, would it have mattered that they are not both set for the same period settings?

    Thank you for all the content, excellently put together and very clear. 🙏

  6. i am late into this , but i have now seen all the videos and read some of the blogs, i am surprised that so few understand that he is actually not proving a fee algorithm, he is just giving out the means and the process how to build your own which is great thing to do, everyone needs to set it into their own systems, test and back test and tweak indicators etc.

  7. Hi guyz, im new here, im really tired of losing money, and I want all additional volume indicators that I can get, please someone direct me where to find them.

  8. I've been binge-watching these videos, blogs, and podcasts for the last couple weeks. This video is great, I'm starting to see how the different aspects of the algorithm all work together to help you succeed. Great stuff. My search for the best indicators continues. Thank you.

  9. Im From South Africa. Your chanel was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am spreading this Gift far and wide.
    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I felt like a failure but i didnt give up. Three years into still loosing, until i found your channel.

  10. Hi vp the pips lost parameter shouldn’t be 150pips (1.5 * atr)?
    I am nerding a lot hehe anyway thanks for the amazing content and for taking the work to put together those videos for ones who want financial freedom.

  11. You completely ignored your last bullet point of " what to do when the volume isn't there." Saying don't trade is a cop-out answer when you specifically say at min 2:302:45 that "we need a game plan, what's your move" and "volume may not be there for a while"…. I watched the whole video and nothing.
    On a different note, in your CMF video ( 5th element) you go on and on about how combining two crappy indicators is not the best way to do things, and you want "killers" for indicators, yet here you combine (and I'm quoting you here) two crappy indicators. Yes I get the point that two is better than one, but you shoot that idea down in the next video. So what gives?

  12. So I feel like I have to share this because honestly finding a good volume indicator is hard and literally crucial. I've found an indicator on tradingview called the Volume flow. Not sure where to find it for MT4. What it does is plot a EMA on both negative and positive data. It also highlights significant volume bars. Interestingly enough it gives almost the same signals as the absolute strength indicator and will give the exact signals if you play the settings. However it also shows you how high the average volume is in both directions and the highlighted bars don't hit every cross.This takes tons of Absolute strength fake outs off the table. It's a two line cross conformation and a wicked volume indicator so it also keeps your chart clean. PS if you've seen VPs renko video…toss this bad boy on there it's the only really good indicator I've found for renko charts. I couldn't help but come leave this comment because volume was probably the hardest part of this entire algorithm.

  13. Hi VP, thank you very much for all the valuable information you give us. I ask the favor to say my what is the video to find the volume indicator you recomment. thanks a lot.

  14. How do we know if an indicator is a "volume" indicator? What characteristics are we looking for, other than a 3rd confirmation indicator that keeps you out of losing trades? What's to stop one from just using any indicator that consistently stops losing trades and slotting it into that "volume indicator" spot in your algo?

  15. Yo yo yo VP, I got to say it's taken two years but i finally learnt to trust my system, and not let my Emotions take the helm.
    When you have a system any time frame is accessible, the day chart is paramount the best.

    I read a blog on a trader who was relying on FIB, was cautious about a trading AUDNZD FIB was against the trade.
    I looked at the PAIR on my system, where he was cautious i could of made a 200 pip over five days, if was invested in the trade.
    Please do a video on the current affairs with markets at the moment.
    Oh Yeah forget motivation, just be committed it pays off.

    Thanks VP

  16. just wanna say I watch this guys videos day in and day out listen to the podcasts and everything, everything he says is true and powerful he is an authentic and powerful trader watch all his shit in and out and all of his videos will add up and make sense , its insane! this guy the real deal!

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