1. We Forex trader over the years have believed the market has always been manipulated from the on set right? well the market has gotten larger which has created room for outsiders to generate new market flow ideas, The Vlad Ibrahimov Strategy happens to be one of these new innovative ideas that is doing a lot for traders today, google it.

  2. Not everyone is lucky to come across a successful strategy in time before getting frustrated (The Fib Fusion Strategy) is a guaranteed way out reviewed by a lot of traders out there, google it.

  3. Hey buddy, i am a day trader and i am always into identifying institutional buying or selling into a stock. Can you help me out by providing me some inside methodologies deployed by these institutions while they are buying or selling a stock in huge huge quantities(or huge value traded). It will be of great help if you can provide me with any example where there was strong institutional presence (intraday) and provide with the stock name and date so that i can look back to it for the chart pattern developed there.

  4. very good information, thank you.. what I don't understand is @min 37:00. you ask what happens when the short sellers buy? in this case for me it would be logical that the market would go up because they are closing 9500 short positions (so its a buy) and they are also adding 37400 positions on the long side (it's also a buy).. I don't get why the market should go down in this case?

  5. Thnx for this movie. COT will tell you what the smart money is doing, the key behind the charts! In the movie you give an opinion about the cftc cot.. But whats wrong with it then..? I though it was really helpful also.. If I search older data and compare it with the charts then its ok to use.. I compare the currencies and it tells me wich to sell and wich to buy.. On the cftc you can see the non commercial and the commercial section but isn't it the same as the asset manager/inst and leveraged funds? I hope you can tell me and tell me whats better. Thnx again for shearing the knowledge! Really helpful.

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