1. Man this Hassan guy is boring me out, not the right guy to interview, not hating but he seems like he hasn’t food for weeks no energy short answers…

  2. Big banks will never allow u to rest in profit for long term, we cant b smarter than big banks…. 🤷‍♂ if u dnt believe me explore it on internet yourself

  3. 5 core trading concepts you must understand:

    1) Hit-rate is not important to make money
    2) Position sizing has a big impact on trading success
    3) Simple & robust systems are more successful
    4) 80% of trading is psychology.
    5) Distance from markets will increase your success.

  4. All bull shit paying for courses they just teach you shit like fibunaci and moving averages. Mate I thought my self and took me a couple of years but learning from your mistake is 100% best way. Don't waste your money on courses. That guy Hasan seems like he has been dragged into this interview

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  6. No one thinks its easy. This is absolute nonsense. People expect to lose money the first time they trade. Then typically focus on back testing. Then start to become profitable.

  7. What is your say on 'Lifestyle trader' Greg Secker that sells FOREX as very easy using their smart charts that basically does everything for you and you just have to put the money into the trading account?

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  9. Love your videos Jason. I lost money for years, and years when I started trading ( I was arrogant enough to think, I could work it out by myself) When will beginners, ever learn – to be a great Musician, photographer, writer, chef etc, etc, one would learn their craft – then after 3-4 years , you would expect with the right training ( and experience, which is vital) to then start being an expert.
    With the bullshit, get rich over a weekend mentality ( which marketers often mislead, beginners – the trap is set)
    To Master trading, first you have to master yourself. Those professional traders, out there, will know exactly what I'm talking about.

  10. This is glorious, I have been researching "easy trading strategy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Annahiy Stockify Sabinianus – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

  11. i'm a successful fx trader… long term reliable, steady stable. Took 5 years. Its less about hard work than it is consistency and exposure… you just have to never give up… eventually you'll learn and become so skilful that you'll be ahead of the market. Its less like being a computer programmer or engineer… more like being a skilled dry stone wall builder or hunter…. above anything else, its a practical skill before an academic one, every time. There really isn't a lot to learn academically. Its all timing, mastery over your emotions and judgement of the market… understanding and feeling how the market ebbs and flows…. that kind of thing. I got super, super sick of working for someone else! I hated it so much it just kept pushing me to trade more… until eventually I got there.

    Fact is… there is no magic money tree…. if you own money you own another person's working time…. you own part of another human's life…. sounds horrible, but its true. If everyone on the planet became millionaires tomorrow, then the value of a million pound would be totally worthless. Sad fact. Until robots take over nearly everything and we are merely entitled as citizens in a share of that productivity some human has to drag themselves to work at 5:30am and do a boring repetitive job so that society functions. If you want to escape it you have to have something other people don't… that means you have to be good at something other people are not good at. That's why earning money is hard… whether it be trading or anything else. Trading is just as hard as being an art dealer… or highly skilled roof thatcher… but the cool thing about trading is you can skill yourself… you dont have industry blocks like need for a degree… having to gain promotion… needing to be given a break by someone else.

    My no1 tip… the best trade you'll ever make is the trade you never make.

  12. I trade using a robot it has been amazing I go thru a company and I’m very satisfied I work fulltime and my robot trades for me fulltime I don’t have the time to look at charts all day my robot does it for me

  13. It's all BS. No one can or will teach you. No one gives out their money-making strategies to someone else. You have to do your own growing up like real life by the hard way of trial n error. it's both simple and complicated. if you like to be a professional trader start reading Economics textbooks, trade balances, interest rates, GDP, and central banks and their policies. Open a demo account and pick any major pair and start trading. Try everything your mind tells you, go to the 5-year chart and see how it all works and do comparisons with other pairs. Do day trading for a week at least 20 trades a day. One full week in front of the laptop 24/7 and you will be ready to execute the real trade. Forget these gurus, anyone who is a full-time trader making a profit has no time to make a video.
    I am doing trading for a year now and making money. All learned on my own. this morning I opened my computer to $3082 profit on a $100k trade. However, I was in red $18000 in my first 3 months. Now up $8000. it's not easy but it's not hard either. I am learning every day.

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