1. In my own experience, I have come to know it's risky and not profitable to hold your coins while waiting for the eventual Bull Run. I advise all to accumulate as much as you can thus increasing your portfolio. Bitcoin just crashed over $ 600 in few minutes another failure yet again to hold the $ 10,000 and this price action quickly put a stop to any hardcore hodler with hopes of a quicker breakout in the crypto currency. As an investor in bitcoin the price action movement is very necessary but what's of more important is staying profitable always and I am achieving this through trading daily with signals provided by Cortez David. The accuracy of his trade signals is on another level and I've grown my portfolio from 3 btc to 9 btc in just 4 weeks.

  2. I really enjoy your videos, especially the 101 series because I am a beginner. I've already saw mistakes I've made with investments. I'm not rich, so luckily those were mostly under $1. I currently use robinhood for my investments. I've noticed some companies have 3 categories that include: buy, hold, and sell. My question is, is it better to invest in a company with more value in holding or selling?

  3. Cool video. I just finished robotic trading. I’m not crazy about Fibonacci trading. Those were the hardest to remain focused with. I’ll spend the remaining week reviewing and proceed to the next core trading principles next week.

  4. IMRN just put that logic to shame. Up 800 percent in one day. I didnt buy either. Scary shiit. Ive got burned to many times. I wont buy the top Unless i have money to burn – roll the dice

  5. I couldn't help it. Oil was going wild yesterday morning and I had to jump into one lol. Luckily, they all kept going up. I mean you could've literally closed your eyes and pointed at an oil stock to make money.

  6. This is so great and reinforces my approach to trading. Thank you! I was checking through your videos, do you have anything on implementing trailing stop losses? I want to make sure I fully understand how to appropriately use them.

  7. Hey Clay, last year you did multiple videos on Frontier communications, but since it has been delisted I have not seen any and was interested on what your take is on this. Would you do a video on a stock that has been delisted? Ticker symbol is ftrcq. Thanks

  8. Thank you Clay, you are the MAN! πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ
    Your videos very helpful, watched lots of them. Started swing trading 2.5 month ago and I'm profitable and moving tovard my goal. I really appreciate it knowledges you're sharing with us. Thank you!

  9. IT is simplified but correct not to chase. BUT there are times when you dont wait for a pullback. Other indicators. FYI OIL IS STILL A GREAT BUY EN stock. Purchased last week at .13,…. It still has a run

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