1. no u can make 10% a week bro and u ain't even trading full time so of course u gonna take longer if u use 2% risk and take 8 trades a week with 1:2 R:R and u lose 4 and win 4 u make 16% and lose 8% which gives u 8% in that week and if u making $500 weekly from that 8% then ur account size could be $6000 ur approach isn't typical and very conservative if u do it like that u might aswell keep ur money in a index or bond and wait for it to raise by like 9% a year
    u might aswell go and work a 9-5

  2. Forex is a very noisy industry… there's gonna be people gonna say this and that ..you need this to make this blah blah blah…but always be positve and believe you can … Learn market structure, RISK MANAGEMENT, and please improve your psychology.

  3. No one makes alot of money in forex unless your already have a ton of money and can hold through long term dips. Ive never seen or heard of anyone legitly making money day trading forex. Its just not possible

  4. Actually didn't tell us the how, but the money to earnings ratio! Still a good video though…Wish I could make $200 day off my 30K! I would if I eliminated trading errors, emotions and impulses…seriously, to new people. trade less, but better signals!

  5. The way to make money on Forex is to create a completely artificial account and because your not posting live you can just make up the success and losses as you go. Of you make it look as plausible as possible you can start a YouTube channel and make money from people who are constantly looking for a get rich scheme. Then if your really good you plagiarize material that has been available for 50 to 60 years and just millenialize the presentation. Fo a bunch of advertisements in front of rented luxury items that you pretend are your property to gain a larger YouTube following. Then you can sell specialized trading strategies that offer zero guarantees but are hyped up. This is the way that people have made millions. I used to say that if one person studies the Amway multi level marketing strategy and saw it for what it really was they could be successful at anything they did. Meaning what it takes to make a million dollars in Amway a person could sell hot dogs in New York and with the same amount of effort they would end up the biggest hot dog salesmen in the world. If a person found an actual way to make gold from lead they would never write books to teach others how to do it. They would be hidden away somewhere gathering as much lead as possible and churning g out hold as silently as possible. Never once have I seen anything but common sense investment information. Eg..
    If you have. A hundred dollars and make ten dollars a year from your investment, of you spending that ten dollars you will never compound enough money to make a ten percent yield on a principle higher than the original 100 dollars. So to be able to grow you have to leave all winnings alone and build your principle so that one day your making that 10 percent yield on 1k dollars. Duh no shit. Everyone also knows about leveraging also. Yeah I can invest 1k dollars that I have borrowed which is better than 1000 I own. But I am still in the hook to for the borrowed 1000 dollars. If I have 10k dollars that doesnt meaning can day hey smith Barney I'd like to buy 100k of apple today go ahead and make the purchase. They will only do that if you have 100k in their bank that they can freeze the moment your portfolio heads anywhere close to 100k. So if I have 125k portfolio and another 100k in CDs or something they can quickly freeze and liquidate they won't make theb100k apple stock purchase. Yeas leveraging is simple to understand when it comes to real estate. 100k house. I could use my100 k to purchase and sell at 125k for a 25 % return if it happens within one year. Or I could putv10% down 10k borrow the 90% left from the bank. Sell at 125k minus say 1000 in mortgage origination fees. So I make 24 k in one year on a 10k investment. Well that's 140% on the 10k investment.
    What I want to see is someone do some real simple shit. Here is a separate acct created just for this example.
    The guy takes 1k usd
    He says were gonna study this pair. USD to EUR
    Here is day 1 through 30.
    I think it is going to head this direction on day one of this investment experiment.
    The statistics are such and such at this time and I executed here at this point. My sell points to prevent loss are hear and my sell point for profit is here.
    Day 2
    Ok this is what happend. We won this much or lost this much.
    Day two strategy for same pair.
    Buy here sell here.
    Day three: This is the resultanof Day 2 and what were gonna do on day 3. And so on and on and on.
    Day 31 experiment is over. We were wrong here we were right here. We lucked out here. We made this much or lost this much over alp. Plain and simple.
    I have yet to see a video like this.

  6. 100$ is 0.4% of 25000$. 0.4% after compounding by 240 (work days in a year) = 260%. You’re telling me an average trader is gonna be pulling in a 160% gain annually? Top level fx traders bring in 25-40%. This is complete bullshit. This is the reason why over 90% of fx traders aren’t profitable… just because you got a 15% gain yesterday with your S&R doesn’t mean this will keep happening. Just wait till that one trade wipes you and your poor risk management out…

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