1. Hello sir, thank you for the video. ill be using Price Action in my trades starting 2020, will be using ur videos as guidance too. do visit my Instagram @ambuk.fx . thanks sir

  2. I just wasted an hour after this. Basically, all you did was put resistance and support through most part of your video. There are tons of other video explaining the same thing in 4-5 min. You're not wrong but its just way too long for a basic intro.

  3. thank you so much Nick. you're the best.been struggling with identifying support and resistance but after watching this video and practicing ive become so good and easier to uderstand price action.big thanks to you

  4. Good morning Nick. Firstly, many thanks for providing forex4noobs (such a great resource!). Are there tutorials for using TradingView? Specifically, how to apply shading to the support and resistance lines as you do in the TradingView platform?

  5. Jeez, i'm a total noob at this but this is soo simple, i even felt these things intuitively just looking at charts, -does that meka me a genius ? Duh!-. Could have told all of this in 5 min. Thnx anyways for sharing your personal experiences: being on wireless at school back in those days…

  6. When I played the stock market game I won national on the game. We started with 100k though and I made 18k during the semester but my school wasn't smart enough to keep me trading after the game was done. Thanks for the video I actually got out of trading for the most part until now. I am following after my heart and doing this for real this time!

  7. And i have question regarding this video, 52:11, like you checked the body bounce of the old data but didn't care about it not being in line with the new data(i know there was CBW in recent data) but the old data was a way lower than the support/resistance you put there but you put it according to the new data. I didn't get that point, could you please explain? Thanks.

  8. I haven't Watched any of your videos and i was going through youtube to check what price action is and found this and its pretty good with respect to other channels, and now i got to visit your whole channel, can you please tell me if these three videos and then practicing after that would be good enough for me to get a good grip on price action and candle stick pattern analysis or do i watch other videos from your channel other than these three in this master forex trading playlist. Regards.

  9. Hey Nick, honestly have to say, after watching your tutorials and following your rules, I've made many more successful trades then previously. Thanks very much for all the free content you pump out. Much appreciated.

  10. New to the channel, just watched the webinar and you mentioned you draw S/R on daily time frame but I must have missed what time frame do you actually take trades on?

  11. Just at the rules about chat being disabled….Thank you!!!! It is virtually impossible for me to get anything from jut about every webinar I come across because everyone gets distracted by the chat….demanding viewers and polite and easily distracted hosts hahaha. Looking forward to actually learning something Cheers mate

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