1. Hi there fellow traders i was a newbie on forex trading and i always founded it difficult to make good income on my own way but eventfully it became clear to me thanks to Reed Cooper trading startegy

  2. I have seen almost all your videos. Just now I have noticed that you have not made a video about supertrend(or am I missing?). Request you to make a simple video about intraday scalping with supertrend if not made already.

  3. What beginner traders often don’t understand is that most (99%) of the indicators show you what price is doing. They are all derived from price. So why not just look at the candles/bars?! It’s all you need to look at to know what’s happening with price, and best of all, there is no lag! Indicators are like training wheels, but once you know how to ride the bike, please take them off. 😉

  4. Umesh Bhandari:
    Hello sir I had query please help me, if I buy stock with stop loss as per breakout strategy, which average around 15 rupees in above 500 spot price stocks. how can I achieve risk reward ratio of 1:1.5 or 1:2 in intraday trading. This is achievable or not in intraday on daily basis.

    Is any strategy which really give this risk reward ratio or not. Please help me to clarify this.

  5. Hey can I use these strategies for binary options? Please can you do a video regarding short term binary trading (1m-30s candles)…. I've seen in some videos that traders trade with bollinger band (5s candle frames) and win every trade…

  6. It’s safe to say that Alec Payden is indeed legitimate after a succession of payouts. I have no doubts investing more, he even turned down my gift token and asked me to give it to charity saying, “God has blessed with everything I need, be His servant and help the less fortunate” .

  7. Hey, this is a nice strategy. I am going to try this tomorrow and add RSI and the StochasticMomentumIndex crossover – when all are in agreement then I will buy in. Thoughts?

  8. i use 5,8,13 EMA. and 20,50,100,200 SMA. Add to this RSI for further trend analysis confirmations. The other half is Bollingers set at default and at +/- 1.5 and Stochastics Which is my ranging market toolset. I have been playing with the Shaef and find it interesting as hell.

  9. I have lost money on forex trading and I have used up the $10,000 in my demo account and I still want to trade, please someone should advise me what to do because I want to make money

  10. Best ever video on YouTube over trading tip and technics….please discuss best time frame for day trade and long term trade and best entry point

  11. All this togther what i had mentioned in last comment,one should seriously look effect with the news sentiments on any financial instrument along woth technical analysis .. u could be financially free soon… Learn to manage money and strategies like pstioon sizing,Average outing,High low break out buy sell.. 💯💯💟🥂🙏🔥

  12. Brother I have not find someone making people learn so easy including important technical indicators .. please make some video realting to money managennt and maintainung risk reward ratio along woth target and stoplosses….

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